Vulnerability attack block

ViRobot APT Shield 2.0 NEW

ViRobot APT Shield 2.0 is the revolutionary solution that blocks exploits in advance. Recently, APT attacks and Drive-by download attacks using application vulnerabilities are spread out around the world, and confidential business information has been leaked to the outside by the attacks. ViRobot APT Shield 2.0 blocks attacks of application(Web browser, Web browser plug-in(Java, Flash), Document editors/Viewers, Media players, Messengers, Utilities, ...)vulnerabilities in advance.

Desktop Solution

ViRobot Internet Security 2011

ViRobot Internet Security 2011 is the smartest choice for personal security solution. It provides not only Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Anti-Phishing, but also firewall to prevent effectively the infection, File wipe function to protect the important file from the leakage and PC control function to protect the children.
Server Solution

ViRobot Server Protection 2011, ViRobot Unix/Linux Server

ViRobot Server Protection 2011 is the most optimized antivirus program for Windows file server that is applied with new framework performing multiple file I/O and heavy network traffics. This server optimized solution ensures a safe server security environment and the enhanced ViRobot S3 engine helps you response more actively and quickly against new malicious codes.

Software Development Kit

ViRobot SDK

HAURI provides ViRobot SDK engine to those who want to use our anti-virus engine to integrate with their software. ViRobot SDK is designed by standard function form and it is enabled to integrate simply in any platforms of operating system.