Business Area

HAURI is the top leading Korean security solution provider,
produce and distribute its unique security solutions.

HAURI provides a robust and flawless solution that analyzes, diagnoses and repairs viruses that threaten the security of computer systems and networks.
HAURI is now expanding to development and supply of system and IT asset management software for the safest, most reliable, and most cost-effective management of customer systems and networks.

Anti-Virus solution research and development

HAURI produces and distributes anti-virus products not only for home users, but also for enterprises. HAURI's highly qualified anti-virus products are well known for the unique and excellent technology to protect users's computing environments with its accurate analysis and timely updates.

DataPermanent deletion solution development

HAURI produces and distributes data permanent deletion products that initiate and delete HDD completely including files, folders and free space. It also provides easy user interface and the perfect compatibility for all kinds of OS environments to meet customer's various requirements.