02. "ViRobot Internet Security 2011" acquired VB100 certification.


11. Awarded Excellent Prize in the "1st Korean Software Quality Grand Prize"

HAURI Inc. signed a contract with the Ministry of National Defense to provide total security solution.
"ViRobot 7.0" acquired CC certification.
09. HAURI Inc. signed a contract with the Gyeonggi-do Office of Education to provide total security solution.

HAURI released ViRobot APT Shield 2.0 and free download.
HAURI Inc. signed a contract with the Korea Environment Corporation to provide total security solution.
HAURI Inc. signed a contract with the National Internet Development Agency of Korea to provide total security solution.
02. HAURI released ViRobot Patch Management System.


12. "ViRobot Internet Security 2011" acquired VB100 certification.
"ViRobot Patch Management System 1.0" acquired CC certification.
05. HAURI released ViRobot Smishing Defender.
02. "ViRobot Management System 4.0 for Linux" acquired GS certification.


12. "ViRobot Internet Security 2011" acquired VB100 certification.
10. "ViRobot Server Protection 2011" acquired VB100 certification.
08. "ViRobot Internet Security 2011" acquired VB100 certification.
07. "ViRobot Server Protection 2011" acquired VB100 certification.
"ViRobot Internet Security 2011" and "VMS4.0 for Linux" acquired CC certification.


12. HAURI Inc. signed a contract with the Ministry of National Defense to provide total security solution.

HAURI selected as one of the Top 30 Korean Software Companies Worthy of Global Recognition in 2012 by Korea Software Enterprise Association.
06. Product of HAURI selected as 2011 Hit Product on Customer Satisfaction Category by Digital Times.
05. HAURI participated in WIS (World IT Show) 2011.
04. VMS4.0 acquired GS certification.
02. VRIS2011 acquired GS certification.

VMS4.0 and VRIS2011 acquired CC certification.
VMS4.0 and VRSP2011 acquired CC certification.


12. VMS4.0 and VRIS2011 acquired CC certification.
HAURI participated in ISEC(Information Security Conference) 2010.
HAURI joined the Anti-Phishing Working Group(APWG).

HAURI signed a MOU with Soon Chun Hyang University.
HAURI released ViRobot Mobile for Android V1.0.
05. "ViRobot Zip" acquired GS certification.
03. HAURI signed a MOU with KT for smartphone security technology cooperation.
02. "ViRobot ISMS3.5 and Desktop5.5 for AntiVirus" acquired CC certification.


11. HAURI Inc. signed a contract with the Ministry of National Defense to provide total security solution.
08. "ViRobot ISMS3.5 and Desktop5.5" acquired CC certification.

"ViRobot Desktop 5.5" acquired Checkmark certification.
HAURI joined the Microsoft Active Protections Program.
Hauri contracted the security technology partnership with Gangbuk-gu Office.

HAURI built a total integrated security solution for Gwangju NCIA
(National Computing & Information Agency).



"ViRobot Desktop 5.5 for Windows Vista" accquired a Checkmark.
HAURI built a total integrated security solution for Daejeon NCIA
(National Computing & Information Agency).
2008 Hauri latinoamerica resellers meeting.
"ViRobot Desktop 5.5 for Windows Vista" accquired a Checkmark.

HAURI, 10th anniversary of the establishment.
"ViRobot Windows Server 3.0" acquired CC certification.
HAURI participated in World IT Show 2008, Korea.
Distribution business partnership with Haansoft.

"ViRobot Desktop 5.5" acquired a Checkmark.
"ViRobot Data Eraser 2.0" and "Disk Wiper 1.0" acquired Security Suitability Certification.

"ViRobot Desktop 5.5" acquired Windows Vista certification from Microsoft.
"ViRobot Desktop 5.0" acquired CC certification.
"LiveCall Suite 2.0" acquired GS certification.


10. HAURI selected as a security consortium partner of National archives and records service.
HAURI provides LiveCall Suite to Qrix.

HAURI provides Email quarantine system to Korean Customs and Korean Army.
2007 Hauri latinoamerica resellers meeting.
HAURI released 3 new security solutions.

HAURI provides free online vaccine to Portal site, Empas. 
HAURI joined "Network Security Fair 2006" in Korea.
01. HAURI released LiveCall USB, a portable anti-virus solution.


12. HAURI released 3 new security solutions

HAURI provides free online vaccine to Portal site, Empas. 
HAURI joined "Network Security Fair 2006" in Korea
08. HAURI released LiveCall USB, a portable anti-virus solution
06. HAURI participated in SEK 2006, Korea
05. HAURI Inc. signed a contract with Tong Yang Group to provide Anti-virus solution.
04. Hauri Inc. signed a contract with Jeon-Nam Dept. of Education to provide Anti-virus products.

Mr. Young-Kwon Hyun, assigned as a CEO in Hauri Inc. 
Securesoft signed the contract with Pumpkin Networks, Inc. for Integrated network security


Hauri chosen as a provider of anti-virus program to the Ministry of National Defense
07. Released "Live-Medic" (on-line data recovery service)
06. Hauri Do Brasil has been established IPT(Anti-Virus Lap)

Hauri achieved the LiveCall Suite Contract with a major Mexican Bank, Banamex
Hauri received "The Best Software Product" Award from Gartner"s RetailVision2005
03. Hauri, Launching VaccineDrive



Awarded by the chairman directly belonging to a president of the Presidential Commission on Small and Medium Enterprise in The 4th Public Purchase Promotion of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises.

Hauri Latinoamerica S.A. secures "Banco de Credito e Inversiones" of Chile (BCI) to prevent identity theft.
08. ViRobot Management Server(VMS) awarded for two years by SC Magazine, the best security magazine worldwide.

Agreement contracting regarding the cyber immediacy field exchange cooperation for the National Cyber Security Center and the Cyber Terror Common Confrontation and Mutual Cooperation, under National Intelligence Service 
Contract strategic business cooperation with Hiwin, on-line game enterprise for advancing game business.

Global Hauri contracts ViRobot Supply Agreement with Federal Aviation Administration. 
Hauri contracts supply agreement of "ViRobot Wireless", the vaccine for Hyundai Department Store and PDA 
Global Hauri wins "The Best of Retailvision Awards" (TM) in Software Category.
Global Hauri joins Foundsecure Technology partner program of Foundstone's.

Hauri Inc. contracts service coorperation with OK cashbag. 
Global Hauri contracts ViRobot supply agreement with DAPAC 
General Services Administration (GSA) awards information technology contract to Global Hauri.

China Blue Star Hauri Technology Ltd contract ViRobot sole agency with Beijing Shuangchengxingye. 
Hauri partners with Nortel Network Korea to work together on virus filtering.

Global Hauri and Barbedwire Technologies(Security Appliance Solution production enterprise) made a contract for vaccine bundle supply and marketing corporation 
Global Hauri Joins Microsoft Virus Information Alliance(VIA)



"ViRobot" brand was awarded "Korea's Top Brands 2003" by The Seoul Economic Daily newspaper.
Global Hauri contracts strategic partnership (Phoenix's Trusted Partner Network Program) for PC security.
President and CEO Kwon, Seok-chul was awarded for "Contributions to the Software Industry Advancement 2003", and honored by the President of Korea.
11. Global Hauri, participated in the 24th Las Vegas (United States) Comdex (COMDEX 2003)

ViRobot products acquired China's State Secrecy Bureau Certificate.
Awarded Venture Korea 2003 - Grand Prix by the Presidential Commission on Small and Medium Enterprise.
Strategic alliances with Haansoft Inc., Inc., Inc., and Gonusoft Inc., for "Hangul Mail Project".
09. Established Europe Operation as HAURI Europe GmbH, co-invested with Armstrong Global Partners AG.

Established Latin America Operation as HAURI Latinoamerica S.A.
"ViRobot Expert" acquired Checkmark certification. (Level 1, Level 2, Trojan)

"ViRobot Expert" was selected as the most popular PC security product of 2003 by Electronic Times newspaper.
"ViRobot Expert" obtained VB100% Certification from Virus Bulletin.
05. "ViRobot Expert" was awarded FN Hit Product of 2003, in security category.

"ViRobot Expert" won the IR52 Jang Young Sil Prize of the 19th week of 2003.
Contracted with Liveport, Japan for OEM dealership in Japan.
03. Contracted with NEC Interchannel, Ltd., Japan, for data-recovery software distribution



Won Software Grand Prize of "Small and Medium IT Businesses of the Year 2002"
Global HAURI, Inc. signed an OEM contract with ERC Group for providing ViRobot Expert 4.0.

Contracted with DACOM, Inc. for providing ViRobot SDK.
Donated ViRobot anti-virus solutions to Yanbian University of Science & Technology in China.
Donated ViRobot anti-virus solutions to four Korean Human Services agencies, including Community Chest of Korea.
08. Strategic Alliance with POSCO for providing network anti-virus solutions.
05. Established Japan Operation as "HAURI JAPAN Inc." in Tokyo, Japan.

Patent granted for HAURI's "Hard disk data recovery technology and system"
Established US Operation as "Global HAURI Inc." in Silicon Valley, US.

ViRobot Expert 4.0 acquired "Designed for Windows XP" logo certification from Microsoft.
Partnership with TsonNet Co. Ltd., for investment and development of system security solutions. (Secure OS)
Co-founded "SPAPS" (Strategic Partnership Alliance with Pioneer Spirit), an affiliate for overseas businesses, with Hyundai Information Technology

Won Special Prize in the 1st Korean Software Business Awards.
Contracted with Fujitsu, Japan, for providing ViRobot SDK.

Agency contract with Nippon SystemHouse, Japan, for ViRobot products sales in the Japanese market.
NDA with Network Appliance, US.
Listed on KOSDAQ [equivalent of NASDAQ in US]. (7,540 million won in capital; 15,080,000 stocks)



IR Conference.
Strategic alliance with MSN for providing LiveCall, an on-line anti-virus Awarded as the Best Anti-Virus Product of 2001 by Digital Times newspaper Selected as Top Selling Security Product in the 2nd half of 2001 by Financial News newspaper.
Selected as the Seoul Economic Daily's Best Product by the Seoul Economic Daily newspaper.
Contracted with KLA Tenco, US, for product supply.
11. Released "ViRobot Expert Ver 4.0".

Held the 2nd "InfoSecurity HAURI 2001".
Participated in "Window World", the MS Windows XP Launching Event.

Developed "ViRobot Expert Ver 4.0".
Developed "ExcelMedic", Microsoft Excel files recovery program.

Partnership with GROUP Technologies AG, Germany.
Submitted Request for Preliminary Examination for KOSDAQ listing to Korean Securities Dealers Association.

Agreement with Cyber Terror Response Center in Korean National Police Agency for R&D mutual support.
Joined as an official member of Korea Venture Business Association.
06. Released "Sysers", the first Total Property Management Solution developed for Korea industries.

Released new products for 2001:
"ViRobot E-mail Proxy", for SMTP gateways.
"ViRobot E-mail Scan", for e-mail servers.
"ViRobot Exchange" for groupware.
"ViRobot Professional PLUS", a special edition from HAURI.
Released "DataMedic Enterprise/DataMedic Premium" for data recovery in businesses.
Selected as Promising Small Business Exporter by Small Business Export Assistance Center.
04. Launched "LiveMedic", an on-line data recovery service.

Selected as "IT Frontier of 21st Century" by Hankook daily newspaper.
Formed a security solution consortium with China Bluestar Network Technology for launching a joint venture.



President & CEO Kwon, Seok-chul was honored by the Prime Minister of Korea at SoftExpo 2002. 
President & CEO Kwon, Seok-chul was awarded for Contributions to Information and Communication Security by the Director of National Intelligence Service.

ViRobot Products won the Silver Prize in New Tech Korea 2000. 
Won Best IT Product and Best Venture CEO awards in Korea Venture Enterprise Awards.

Contracted with Kookmin Bank for supplying "LiveProtect", an on-line protection service for Internet banking systems. 
Contracted with Housing and Commercial Bank for supplying Protection Solution VMS. 
Held the 1st "InfoSecurity HAURI 2001".
08. Contracted with, Brazil, for supplying LiveCall, an on-line anti-virus. 

Released "ViRobot Domino/Notes", an anti-virus for groupware. 
Co-founded an overseas corporation with Samsung for global marketing operations. 
Contracted with NCSoft for supplying on-line hacking/virus prevention solution for Lineage, an on-line game. 
Partnership with Peace Bank of Korea for on-line protection services. 
Contracted with KT-IDC for supplying virus protection services.
06. Provided ViRobot SDK for Dacom Multimedia Internet Inc.. 
04. Launched a data recovery service for "Netizen Security Insurance" provided by Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance. 
03. Co-founded Allat Corp. with Samsung Card, Samsung Everland, and

Strategic alliance with Unitel for implementing hacking prevention system. 
Contracted for official supply with Korea Software Center and SamwonMedia.



Awarded by Minister of Information and Communication at 99 SoftExpo Conference. 
HAURI R&D Center was qualified as Enterprise Research Institute by Ministry of Science and Technology.

Released ViRobot Windows NT Server. 
Awarded by Small and Medium Business Administration in "99 Venture Enterprise Awards". 
Held "AVAR International Conference 99".

Selected as the WildList Organization International Reporter 
Strategic alliance with InterCode for LiveCall service.

Increased Capital by inducing investment from S1 Corp, K-TAC, and Kibo Angel Club.
Completed co-development of Vifree service with S1 Corp. 

Strategic alliance with Inc. for technical cooperation. 
Selected as Promising Small Business by Choheung Bank. 
Acquired Venture Certification from Seoul Regional Office of Small and Medium Business Administration.
04. Strategic alliance with S1 Corp. for "24hrs Virus Remote Protection Service".
03. Launched "LiveCall", an on-line virus scan service. (Chollian, Channeli, Netsgo, etc.) 

Selected as leading platform IT technology developer by Ministry of Information and Technology. 
Released ViRobot Windows 95/98.



Disclosed ViRobot Windows evaluation version. 
Selected as Excellent New Technology Enterprise by Ministry of Information and Communication.
11. Selected as Technology Development Model by Korea Technology Credit Development Fund.
09. Developed ViRobot Engine.
08. First on-line release of ViRobot (for DOS).

Selected as the 2nd resident business in Korea Software Support Center.
Contracted with Korea Information Security Center for service assignment.
Joined Korea Information Security Industry Association. 
03. Established HAURI Inc.