Comdex 2003, Las Vegas, USA. Korean Companies Came Into Focus.
Bill Gates, president of Microsoft, continued his visit to the on-line game booths, one of Korea's strongest sectors. .

He stopped by the "Gate To Heavens" game booth, Jystech's on-line RPG. He showed great interest in the game, even playing it himself and questioning the booth staffers about it.

Microsoft has recently started on-line services for its game console, Xbox, in response to competitor Sony PlayStation 2. Many Korean game companies are also developing Xbox games.

Bill Gates' visit to Korean booths drew much attention from conference participants and buyers, as well as the American media, including CNN.

Bestsoft, developer of 'Action Stick', has already set up negotiations with MS and buyers from Europe and Canada. Jystech is also in talks with Latin American companies.

Zalman Tech became another target of the spotlight when its PC case product, "CNPS (Computer Noise Prevention System)" made it to the final round of the 'Best of COMDEX' awards desktop category.

The CNPS' aluminum case uses the natural convection properties of aluminum to draw the heat off and keep the system cool. This eliminates the need for cooling fans required by other PC systems. The result is an almost noiseless system with greatly reduced dust inflow, which can build-up and cause system malfunction.

IreDigital signed a seven-year product license contract with an American company for trade management software. IreDigital's product saves the user from having to register and update the product information on every website, every time there is a change- a considerable savings in terms of time and convenience.

PixelPlus drew a lot of interest with their CMOS image sensor, a key component for camera phones.
Mr. Pak Eui-hyeon, an executive director of PixelPlus, said, "The camera phone culture is one of the areas where Korea is more advanced than America. So many Americans were curious and cautious about our products." He added that PixelPlus saw COMDEX as a springboard to help them break into the US market next year. HAURI, an anti-virus software developer, had a very popular booth at which they effectively compared several anti-virus products, and highlighted HAURI's clear product advantages.