Top Korean Brands 2003 HAURI
Top Korean Brands 2003 HAURI's "ViRobot", A Hit Brand.
The Seoul Economic Daily, December 31, 2003.

Since they were first introduced to the market in 2001, HAURI's 'ViRobot' products have secured a firm niche in the domestic and overseas markets as a comprehensive anti-virus solution with an encouraging growth of customer satisfaction.

Their products have also gained global credibility by receiving several domestic and international certifications, including Virus Bulletin's, a British certification institute.

With such a background, ViRobot is being supplied to a lot of Korean companies as well as overseas businesses including Intel Headquarters in the US, and KLA, the world's second largest semiconductor equipment manufacturer.

HAURI's 'ViRobot Expert' for desktop PCs has become famous for its flawless repair and protection against the Nimda and Klez attacks around the world. With its quick update and real-time monitoring features, ViRobot Expert provides a safe computing environment. Its easy-to-use interface enables anybody to establish a strong security system.

ViRobot Expert's unique repair operation removes memory resident viruses, which can cause re-infection, along with virtually every other virus, such that it guarantees a flawless quarantine solution against any and all viruses in the file system.

ViRobot Expert is now supplied to the US, Singapore, Japan, and China through HAURI's overseas subsidiaries. It boasts HAURI's superior technology in every market that carries it.

ViRobot is the first anti-virus program developed from the first Korean technology to obtain a Microsoft quality certificate. It has also qualified for the most highly acknowledged international certifications, including the VB100%, from VirusBulletin, a British certification institute.

> 'CheckMark,' an anti-virus certificate from West Coast Lab;

> China's State Secrecy Bureau Certificate.

Most notable of these is the VB100%, which ViRobot received last June. VB100% is recognized as the most accurate and credible certification in the anti-virus field. It is known for its very strict regulations and difficult testing protocol which products must pass perfectly in order to receive the VB100% designation.