Global IT Report Three Successful Venture Entrepreneurs From Korea
> Mr. Kwon Seok-won, CEO of Global HAURI, USA.

HAURI USA is the American operation of HAURI, a security expert listed on KOSDAQ. The company's strategy is to first capture a niche market and then expand their share on the major market.

As part of such efforts, HAURI USA is competing with the most famous security companies, like McAfee and Norton, for customers in the local public offices market. Butte County in Northern California has recently contracted with HAURI for supplying anti-virus security software.

Intel, one of the global IT leaders, has also introduced HAURI products to some divisions. They decided that more verification is needed for overall implementation. But they also agreed on HAURI products' excellent performances. Even the largest security companies' products usually show malfunction during the first introduction phase, but that was not the case with HAURI's.

HAURI Latinoamerica S.A. has been established in Mexico as an outpost for capturing Latin American markets. Telefonica, the largest telecommunication service provider in Mexico, and Bachoco S.A., a leader in the Mexican dairy industry, UAM (a Mexican university), and ING Life Insurance in Chile, are all customers of HAURI's security software. HAURI has also reached a partnership agreement with Brazil's Phoenix Technologies, seeking to gain access to Brazil's security market

CEO Kwon Seok-won of HAURI USA says, "American firms are rather conservative, which makes it hard to persuade them to switch to HAURI's products from previous solutions." But he also showed confidence, saying, "We are expecting to reach 1 million dollars in sales in the new year with aggressive sales activities aimed at the niche market."

HAURI USA will seek more partnerships with leading IT companies, and try to expand its sales network by boosting retail sales. HAURI expects to be listed on the NASDAQ around 2007, if everything works out as expected.