HAURI demonstrated to public how to do wiretapping smartphone.

[Seoul, Korea - June 8, 2011]

How to do wiretapping personal smartphone?

By increasing the number of smartphone users, the security threats targeted the smartphone are also taking place exponentially, hence HAURI Inc. demonstrated to public how to do wiretapping usual conversation, conference, or sounds around smartphone by hacking user's smartphone.

In the demonstration, HAURI engineers infected a smartphone by malicious code that used voice recording function, and  "distributing a specific user's secret meetings by wiretapping", "wiretapping usual conversation by location trace" were able to demonstrate, and besides sounds arround smartphone can be wiretapped in smartphone's standby status. It can be easily exploited by attacker, so it could cause big social problems.

[PIC 1 & 2] Demonstration flow chart of smartphone wiretapping and DDos attack

A smartphone that has malicious App sends malicious SMS to all friends by utilizing address book in the phone. If the one who receives SMS clicks it, then the malicious App will be spread out. Also, if attackers use a lot of infected smartphones, they can do DDoS attack to specific targeted website.

Moreover, indiscrimonated App downloads can cause smartphone's infection by malicious App, and it has multiple security threats such as "personal information leakage(Contact list, SMS, E-mail contents, etc.)", "smartphone's location trace & location information leakage", "sending massive SMS for over charging", "various money troubles".

Eng.Sang Myoung Choi, the manager of prerequisite skill dept. said, "We have to do our best to keep our valuable smartphone safe. Most of all, all the users must be aware that the important information can be leaked, and install vaccine program for smarphone only like 'ViRobot Mobile' and maintain the latest engine version all the time."

In addition, Mr.Hee Chun Kim, the president of HAURI Inc. said, "For the safe and convenient mobile environment, HAURI will keep research and develop the prevention function enhanced smartphone vaccine."

HAURI Inc. is one of the companies that have the most mobile virus samples, and for more information, please visit HAURI Mobile Security information section.