HAURI released ViRobot Mobile for Android V1.0.

[Seoul, Korea - July 27, 2010]

HAURI released \"ViRobot Mobile for Android V1.0(VRM for Android 1.0)\" in July 27, 2010.

\'VRM for Android 1.0\' is a total security solution for mobile whch is optimized for the Android operating system, and it keeps Android mobile safe from security threats(loss or robbery) and secures stored information by Anti-Theft system.

\'ViRobot Mobile for Android 1.0\' Application Main Features 

In addition, \'VRM for Android 1.0\' provides \'Anti-Malware\' function to strengthen mobile security against various virus and malware programs, \'Anti-Spam\' function to block SMS & Text, \'Network Monitoring\' function to protect Mobile from over charge of usage by malware, and etc.

\"\'VRM for Android 1.0\' is the best-featured security solution that protects mobile users from multiple security threats and information leakage. For making the top integrated security solution for mobile, HAURI will never stop our R&D investment.\" said HEE CHUN KIM, the chairman of the board in HAURI Inc.

 \'ViRobot Mobile for Android 1.0\' Main Functions