HAURI signed a MOU with KT for smartphone security technology cooperation

[Seoul, Korea - March 29, 2010]

As the smartphone market is growing bigger, the Anti-Virus leader, Hauri Inc. and KT(Korea Telecommunication Corp.) has signed a MOU for the smartphone security technology cooperation.

Hereupon, Hauri attempts to prepare an omni-directional encounter system against malicious code with KT, and promotes the mutual common interests like preventing the spread of new viruses or malicious codes for smartphone.


[KT\'s MOU signing ceremony]

The three executives took a commemorative photograph at KT\'s bundang HQ office on March 26. 
(From left to right) Mr.Byung Moon Kang, the Director of HAURI Inc., Mr. Sam Soo Pyo, the President of IT dept. of KT, and Mr. Edward Lim, the President of Symantec Korea.

According to KT, as signing the first MOU for the smartphone security technology cooperation with HAURI and Symantec, KT could provide the safer smartphone work environment and clean mobile configuration to customers.