HAURI won the Ministry of National Defense security system project.

[Seoul, Korea - November 4, 2009]

HAURI Inc. won the Ministry of National Defense security system project which is the biggest competition of the year. As this project\'s size and importance, HAURI provides around 3,000 servers and more than 200,000 desktop solutions for Ministry of National Defense.

For this project, not only HAURI but also other competitors(Symantec, Ahnlab, and etc.) participated in the competition and Ministry of National Defense evaluated them based on performance, quality, and quick response ability, but, finally HAURI won the project by achieving 99 points out of 100 in the BMT(Bench Marking Test) which is consist of more than 100 test fields.

By winning this national security project, HAURI proved the ViRobot\'s unique security solution ability again, and it is significant a lot because the competition was done just by technogy and performance.