HAURI provide the free removal tool for preventing the spread of Trojan.Win32.DDoS-Agent variants.

[Seoul, Korea - July 9, 2009]

The DDoS attacks targeted for important websites in Korea and U.S. occured on last July 7, and currently the DDoS attacks are continuing.

Therefore, HAURI released a free removal tool to prevent the 2nd damage by further DDoS attacks.
This tool is designed as generic, which is possible to detect and repair for variants of this malicious code.

General removal tool can detect/repair the reported malicious codes only; however, HAURI\'s generic removal tool can detect/repair without further sample collecting, thus it is the most effective tool to prevent the spread of variants.

\"The bigger damage could be happened through the non-ViRobot users\' PCs, thus HAURI provide the generic removal tool for free to all.\" said the HAURI spokesperson.

In conclusion, users must install an AntiVirus, maintain the lastest engine version, and apply the latest Windows security patches for preventing damages by malicious code such as DDoS.