HAURI joins the Microsoft Active Protections Program.
[Seoul, Korea April 16, 2009]

HAURI joined the Microsoft Active Protections Program (MAPP), and will be provided with vulnerability information in advance of Microsoft's monthly security update release to offer protections to customers efficiently and effectively.

"Security is an industry challenge. With Microsoft Active Protections Program, HAURI and Microsoft continue to show each company's commitment to industry partnership to help protect customers," said HEECHUN KIM, the chairman of the board in HAURI Inc.

By receiving vulnerability information earlier, customers benefit from additional possible improvements that provide security protection such as ViRobot Desktop, ViRobot Windows Server, ViRobot ISMS.

"Our partners share our passion for industry collaboration to protect a world full of Internet users," said Mark Miller, director of Microsoft's Trustworthy Computing product management. "No one company can accomplish this by itself. That is why we are partnering with HAURI to advance and improve security."

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