HAURI Inc. won a competition of national organization project!
HAURI Inc. provide next generation integrated security solution for server to National Computing & Information Agency

The Anti-Virus specialist, HAURI Inc. (CEO Heechun Kim, won a competition of national organization project again in March, 2009. The target national organization is Gwangju National Computing & Information Agency(hereinafter NCIA), and this is the second project because HAURI Inc. has an experience that won a previous project of Ministry of Public Administration security for Daejeon NCIA in December, 2008.

HAURI Inc. provides 'ViRobot Windows Server 3.5' solution for Gwangju NCIA, and this is the next generation total integrated security solution to protect enterprise's server against various attacks and viruses by using server vulnerability. This product is optimized perfectly for OS environment, and its big specialties are fast installation by its OS automatic recognition function and easy management for administrator. 'ViRobot ISMS 3.5', the total integrated security management solution, is also provided to NCIA and this essential product helps a lot the administrator because it supports function to check all the connected PCs' security status at a glance.

CEO Heechun Kim said, "For supplying the vaccine solution for server, Anti-Virus Companies must have not only general vaccine market for personal users, but also more stable technology environment. Therefore, HAURI Inc. will develop enterprise friendly Anti-Virus products continuously for leading the secured enterprise's computing environment."

** Who is the National Computing & Information Agency?

NCIA integrate all the information resources that are distributed and operated by each government agency and builds the backup system in national-level. NCIA take the responsibility of managing national information resources efficiently and stability by providing high quality and high security of Internet service.