HAURI goes into partnership with Haansoft
HAURI and Haansoft have signed a security solution partnership for strengthening software distribution business. (

For now both companies start to sell just the AV products together, but they agreed to develop the sales business further by releasing the Haansoft products which are embedded HAURI's security solution.

By contracting this sales partnership, Haansoft have possessed three software business fields such as Office, Graphic, and Security solution. Last year Haansoft contracted an exclusive distributorship for Corel Co., the graphic software corporation, and they promote the new corel's graphic software for expanding the distribution business market.

* Who is HAANSOFT?

Having started with Hangul 1.0 the Korean language word processor introduced in 1989. Haansoft has been successfully maintaning it's position as the leading venture company in Korea. Along with Haansoft Office, which includes Hangul as a representative software product, Haansoft offers an exciting new alternative to other office software products on the market. We are also pursuing the open source software business with Asianux, one of the top 3 Linux editions in the world.